About Kristin

July 2015 - Krakow, Poland 

July 2015 - Krakow, Poland 

By day, I am a full-time Professor of Music and a part-time opera singer. By night, I am a die-hard book-loving, cross-stitching, antique-shopping fiend.

Originally, I began this journey as a book blogger in the summer of 2015. After a year filled with book reviews, advanced reader copies, author interviews, and other literary-themed posts, I found myself wanting to break out of my literary box and expand my writing focus into a creative blog. One filled with music and books and crafts and creativity! 

So... Welcome to the ramblings of an unapologetic nerd. 

Here you'll find posts about what I wish I had been told as a freshmen music major, how to make a cheese soufflé, my sad pathetic attempts to find the perfect lipstick color, fun stitchery projects for the crafty, tips for the aspiring freelance opera singer, and more! 

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