October 2015

It's November. It's 80 degrees. And we're over halfway done with the Fall Semester.



So let's take a minute to recap this month's happenings:


Accomplished: Next semester I'm being transitioned into a more traditional teaching workload. Up until now, I've primarily been teaching applied voice lessons, with one online course. Now I'll be teaching 3-4 courses with applied voice as my secondary focus. Which means I've been creating lesson content like a MOFO!!  *chugs StarbucksAs of today, I am over 70% done with my prepwork!!!! *deep breathe* Just keep prepping... just keep prepping...

Cried Over: October 23rd-24th, Texas got backlash from Hurricane Patricia *cue How I Met Your Mother replay of Robin screaming at Patrice*, causing massive flooding all over the state. It just so happened that the worst of it hit DFW as I was dropping my hubby off at the airport for his conference in Boston... I'm normally a pro driving in rainstorms. I make fun of grannies who drive with hazards on at the speed of smell when it sprinkles. THIS WAS THE SINGLE MOST TERRIFYING DRIVE OF MY LIFE. The Lord heard from me multiple times on my 3 1/2 hour drive home (normally takes me 1 hour and 30 min.).

 Photo of train derailed from flood waters in Corsicana, TX

Photo of train derailed from flood waters in Corsicana, TX

Did in my Free Time: Church Campouts | wine-tastings at local vineyards | Girls Weekend with my Mum consisting of movies, games of pool, cooking, and Merlot | Visit from Hubby's family | finished a few cross-stitch projects | Saw Al Di Meola at The Majestic in Dallas! | Dallas Symphony with TVCC: Sibelius and Brahms |

Got Excited About: WE GOT NEW SOFAS!!!! Let's pause here. I'm not sure if some of you grasp the magnitude of this... To put it in perspective, we've had "College Sofas" since we've been married; AKA hand-me-downs from church members or family that were perfect for us at the time (i.e. free). 

 In-laws enjoying the new sofas!

In-laws enjoying the new sofas!

THESE ARE THE SH!T. It's like you have your own personal recliner, and its extra-large, with the whole sofa opening up into a giant semi-classy quasi-futon. *happy dance*

Adulting: We bought sofas... $$$$$$ Enough said.

Until next month!