Welcome World! The First Post of The Unapologetic Nerd

Oh my gosh, I feel like this is a blank canvas. That feeling you have right before you put paint on it.

You just sit, staring at it, your eyes unfocused, wishing that it would almost paint itself so you wouldn't have to risk F-ing it up... THAT IS HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW!! WHO LET ME DO THIS?!

Which is stupid. Because look. Now there are words. So we're good. I can start now. :-)

I'm still confused as to how this blog got started. Sometimes I wonder if the hubby got tired of hearing me prattle on about the newest series I was devouring at 100 pages a minute, and one day said "Hey! You should totally do this, except on a website... where there is silence... and others like you read it." I may be exaggerating. A lot. But truly, I wouldn't blame him.  

Books are windows into other worlds, where we get to actually be Professor X and READ OTHER PEOPLE'S MINDS!!

C'mon. *scoff* If you don't think that's damn amazing, then you're obviously living in a vegetative state. (It may have been these dramatic statements that pushed Hubbs to desperate measures...)

But books are also like people, in that no matter how similar two books may be in plot, characters, themes, etc., they can never be truly alike. Unless there's plagiarism. Then we call that copyright fraud. It's followed by imprisonment and hefty fines. Stay away from that. 

And unlike music (a world in which I feel compelled to be a principle player), I am more then happy to be a sidelines audience to the literary world, watching, observing, commentating, eating popcorn and greasy hotdogs that are sooooo bad for you, but oh-so-delicious.

This is my sideline. And the first game we'll watch to kick-off the premier of this blog will be coming up soon with Sarah J Maas's newly released Queen of Shadows