A Smattering of Projects in Pictures

I've been basking in the warm fuzzies that come from having a day off from work.

After throwing all the Christmas decor haphazardly into our back bedroom (AKA our own little version of the Room of Requirement), I fished out some scraps of lace, my sewing basket, ink well, feather quill, and a few other knick knacks, and began to spend the better part of the afternoon taking pictures of current projects/readings/etc!! Creative Life = Happy Life! :)

January Book Haul


Instead of highlighting/dog-earring books, I've started to practice my penmanship with a quote journal, using a feather quill and calligraphy ink. It's extremely therapeutic, and forces your mind to focus entirely on not blotting ink all over the place - trust me, I've already had to scrub our kitchen floor... TWICE. Dish soap is a magical thing.


Stitchery Projects

This is a gorgeous whismical monogram pattern I've been using to brush up on my embroidery skills! I plan on finishing it with a bottom border of flowers.


With embroidery, you absolutely need something to help transfer your patterns to the fabric you'll be stitching on. This was created using an Air Erasable Fabric Marker, but I'm planning on trying Transfer paper in the future.

Bobbin Photography

  Spring Pastels

This Week's Upcoming Posts

Thursday: "Top 10 Books I'm Looking Forward to in 2016"

Friday: "Book Review of Alexandra Bracken's Passenger"

Hope you enjoyed my crafty pictures! Stay tuned later this week for more bookish posts!