Welcome back to Top 10 Tuesday, my little bloggeritas!

Today's Top 10 theme fits neatly into an fun little tag I found on one of my favorite book blogs, HashTagLoveBooks!!! This blog is written by Alicia, and I absolutely adore her site layout (hint: her theme colors are grey, black, white, and baby pink.... That's just downright classy in my book), PLUS she has really creative content! Go check her out!! 

For our Love/Hate tag, I will list 5 things I LOVE and 5 things I HATE... 5+5=10, hence the appropriateness for a Top 10 Tuesday. BOOM. *hair flip*


1. Sushi - I'm proud to say I can eat my weight in spicy tuna rolls and salmon sushi. If given the choice, I will without fail choose sushi for breakfast, lunch, and dinner...... And second breakfast. And elevensies. And afternoon tea!

2. Antiques - This makes me sound like a 70 yr old grandmother... But for real, I can spend all weekend hustling from one decrepit antique store to another with my mum, on the hunt for little treasures. I'm always looking for old books, quills, sewing tools, teacups, thimbles, limoges figurines, wedgewood... *trails off while awkwardly shuffling feet* I mean... I really am cool!! Promise! ;-)

3. Period Films/Miniseries - Three letters: BBC!!!! I looooove watching anything by BBC, from Pride and Prejudice to The Paradise to North and South... seriously, MAJOR fan-girling to be had! Put someone in a waistcoat and slap a British accent on them, and I'm game! 

4. Chihuahuas - Chihuahua people are the dog-equivalent of the "Cat Lady". Chihuahuas are highly intelligent, loyal to a fault, and love their alone time. We have two adorable little fur babies, who truly are the most spoiled creatures that ever lived. (Pictured: Schubert on the left, and Verdell on the right, who obviously wasn't too happy having her picture taken that day. Or any day.)

5. Books... - I feel like this is a redundant item... seeing as I obviously run and write this blog ABOUT BOOKS. But instead of just saying "I love reading! DUHR!" *facepalm*, how about I just tell you what I LOVE to read? Personal favs: Little Women, everything Jane Austen, Harry Potter, Throne of Glass series, and anything by Robin McKinley or Elizabeth Peters.

1. All the Rocky Movies - Listen, the guy already looks like his face is a mushed up pile of silly putty... Give him a break and let him be. Let Rocky retire into seclusion, for the betterment of all mankind. And my sanity.

2. Pickles - My dear sweet husband whom I love with all my heart will on occasion fill our kitchen with the tantalizing aroma of his homemade pickles..... SAID NOONE EVER. The smell alone makes me gag. If I order a sandwich somewhere and they give me a plate with a pickle on it, I have to tear off the part of the sandwich that was up against it. FIERY BLACK-HEARTED HATRED BURNING WITH THE FIRE OF A THOUSAND SUNS!!!

3. Country Music - Disclaimer: You are entitled to listen to whatever genre of music you prefer.  In my personal opinion, listening to country music has never done it for me. And I'm Texan. And not just any Texan, but a grew-up-on-a-back-road-herding-cattle-milked-a-cow Texan. And I hate country. Isn't that considered some sort of blasphemy? *shrugs*

4. Romance books - If you haven't read my post on Books I will Never EVER Read, then allow me to enlighten you on my thoughts on Romance books. I wish they were good. But they're not. Most are cheaply made, poorly written, publisher-pushed mounds of smut. And the covers.... LORD HELP ME. The covers are SO sexist!!! How many shirtless men can there really be in the world???! *gag*

5. Stupid Drivers - For Example: People who don't use blinkers at turns. People who do not stop at stop signs. People who ride your bumper at 70 mph (which, newsflash, isn't safe, morons!!!!). People who text while driving. People who drive 20 miles below the speed limit....I could keep going, but I think you get the picture.