My 10 Favorite Etsy Shops for Stitchers

Hey guys! So I wanted to make a compendium of all the Etsy shops I adore (translation: "stalk") most of whom have supplied me with patterns, tips, tricks, and inspiration on how to improve my stitchery efforts in the last year! If you're interested in stitching - no matter if you're a beginner or if you've been stitching for years - these stores have fantastic resources! 

Click on the store titles to be taken directly to their Etsy site. 

Some of the store owners also maintain gorgeous Instagram accounts with pics of their works-in-progress. If they have one, I’ve provided a link to their Insta accounts in their profile descriptions - give them a follow! :-)

Custom cross-stitch family portraits - designed from photos of your family! - and patterns of characters from your favorite TV shows & movies. Click Here to read my post about the pattern YouMakeMeSewHappy made for my own cross-stitch family portrait (pic below):

Modern & Contemporary hand embroidery patterns - including the treble clef sheet music pattern I bought and altered to fit the Zelda theme song (pictured below)!  

Great patterns for beginners! This is where I got my start testing my stitching chops. Patterns are easy to follow with quirky themes. Perfect for gifts! 


Hand embroidery art and PDF patterns, inspired by vintage florals and whimsical designs. Designed by Caitlin out of Vancouver, all her of work is timeless and clean! Instagram account  - CinderandHoney

Floral hand embroidery, available as patterns, hoop art, and hoop jewelry! Hoop necklaces have just been listed on her site, with different designs and shapes. I've got some major stitch envy with this seller!!! Her hoops are ridiculous amazing! Instagram accountNamaste_Embroidery

Modern embroidery pattern Etsy shop run by Kelly Fletcher of South Africa - she's an author, designer, and stitcher extraordinaire! Instagram account - KFNeedlework


I bought a kit from this seller last spring, and worked on it during my infamous Spring Break fever. Everything - from the packaging to the hand-designed stationary to the quality of materials - was meticulously selected and put together for a wonderful DIY experience! Instagram accountTamarny 

Here's a picture of the kit I received during its "WIP" stage:

Cross-stitch designer and kit seller based out of Austria (hence the hilarious German cross-stitch kit above: "I have ruined my fingers for your gift!"). Instagram accountHallodribums


Trending: mini embroidery hoops are HUGE right now. Well, huge in the crafting circles at least... but Dandelyne is the original seller of these tiny little beauties, and with so many sizes, functions, and kits offered on her site, this is a crafting GOLD MINE. Imagine your massive 6-8" hoop that takes forever to complete. Now condense that down into a 1-2" area of workspace. A fraction of the time, with 200% presentation! Alter your order to make your mini hoop a necklace or a brooch. Instagram account - Dandelyne

Okay. This Etsy shop is a BEHEMOTH in terms of Etsy sales - 40,852 sales since they opened in 2012, with a 5-star review average out of 10,982 reviews. WOAH. Can we just take a minute to appreciate the manpower and efficiency it must take to run this sucker. This is a great place to buy hoops in bulk in multiple sizes, as well as scissors, needles, fabric, floss... basically if you don't want to leave the house to go to Hobby Lobby and/or you need bulk supplies, this is your place. 

Well, that's it! I hope my fellow crafty bloggeritas find this list useful in getting your crafting off to a great start. A HUGE thank you to all our favorite etsy sellers - keep doing what you do!! We love you!!

~Till next time~