And So It Begins... Musical Season = An Unapologetic Absence

We began this crazy blogging journey in the Fall, when everything was stars and rainbows and endless evenings of bliss and writing and reading and stitching and Netflix. 

Here's the hard truth: Fall is DEAD. 

Spring is here. 

And you, my dear readers, have no earthly idea what's about to happen...


~Musical Season~

1.  When your stomach will hate you for the next 2 months because dinner now is the closest, quickest fast food sustenance you can scarf down between finishing classes at 5pm and starting rehearsals at 6pm.

2. When you get home at 9:30pm tired as hell, but can't manage to go to sleep because you've just bounced around stage while conducting/coaching/playing for 3 hours straight, and you are WIDE AWAKE.

3. When you roll out of bed at the last possible second, throw your hair back in a messy bun or ponytail, touch up last night's makeup, and drag your sorry self to work at 8am.

4. When instead of listening to your Calming Piano Spotify playlist as you get ready, you've got the damn chorus number from (insert here) musical stuck in your head. As if you didn't hear that song ENOUGH last night... *smh*

5. When family/friends ask if you're free for dinner/movies/game night/life in general, you have to decline because this is your ONE AND ONLY night off and you have very important plans... i.e., turning in early at 7 and not waking up till your alarm goes off the next morning. #sorrynotsorry

6. When you begin calling students by their character names outside of rehearsal instead of their real names. Your poor overworked mind can only handle so much. 

Basically, my life now belongs to the musical I'm working on. Every spring semester I serve as Music Director/Vocal Coach for the musical productions at the college where I teach. 

If you didn't catch on from the snarky list above, this is obviously a love/hate relationship (trust me, the love is in there somewhere...). One one hand, I LOVE working with the Theatre Department. Getting to switch gears from classical to musical theatre is extremely refreshing!! On the other hand, I have no free time, no social life, an extreme case of acid reflux from fast food, and bags under my eyes. 

Query: What does this mean for your blog, Unapologetic Nerd?

Answer: I will not be posting near as often as I have been.

Obviously I will continue to post on weekends or when time allows. But frankly, my work days are now from 6:30am - 9:30pm, and what time I do have is channeled into eating, sleeping, and other basic necessities of survival. I love writing, but I love a full stomach and clear mind more. 

Query: When does Musical Season end? 

Answer: Our show runs from April 7th through April 10th.

After that, we will be back on a consistent blogging schedule. AND we'll be that much closer to summer, AKA reading/writing BLISS!!!! *happy dance*

Query: What about books you've agreed to review prior to the start of Musical Season?

Answer: Any books accepted before February 15th will still receive their reviews within the next few weeks, as originally planned.

I have two in particular (The Kestrel by FK Sewell and Grimm and White by Emily Hansen) that will be reviewed by the end of February. All other requests will unfortunately be denied. Exceptions will be given if  reviews posted after April 10th are requested/accepted. 

Query: What's your favorite musical?

Answer: Anything with Julie Andrews!!

Haha, of course I lean towards the classics (or anything by Rogers and Hammerstein)... Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, My Fair Lady, The King and I. Modern favorites include AidaLittle Women, The Little Mermaid, Spamalot, Little Shop of Horrors, .......and yes, even Wicked.......*rolls eyes* Even if it's overdone.

Query: Do you feel like you're cheating on Opera by working on Musical Theatre?

Answer: Um... no?

Because we all strive to use the same basic foundation of technique, with different application of style and vocal production? Um...This is getting a little weird. Let's wrap this up, shall we?

Be patient with me these next few months! Shout-outs and love are much appreciated during this crazy time. After the last show on April 10th, we will be back on schedule!!