The Unapologetic Nerd's Birthday Bonanza: Dryers and Barney and Zelda, Oh MY!


But then again, who doesn't love a whole day devoted to presents, praise, and mountains of confectionary treats that will later probably morph into a crippling case of diabetes.

(Which, for the sake of this post, must be pronounced "Dye-ah-bee-tuhss", just like those ridiculous infomercials

This Friday, Feb. 5th, I turned 29. The perpetual year that women everywhere seem to cling to, refusing to acknowledge that the shroud of youth has long been lifted. Quite frankly, I could have skipped 29 all together and Passed Go to 30 to collect my $200!!!

I'm SO OVER my 20's.

I'm over it like we were over Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" after it played for the 1,000th time on the radio.

Over it like Britney and Justin's coordinated formal jean wear in the early 2000's.

Over it like that damned Hayden Christensen that George Lucas chose to play Anakin in Star Wars II and III JUST BECAUSE he happened to somewhat resemble a young Mark Hamill. *pinches bridge of nose* Sweet Jesus, that boy COULD NOT act. Bless his little sweet, dull, boring-as-hell heart. 

I can't wait for 30. Why? Most people assume I'm much younger then I really am. I have students each semester who are shocked to find out that I'm NOT 20, as they originally assumed...

Riddle me this, people: how does one get a Masters in Vocal Performance (a feat which demands singers be a certain age in order for you to be vocally mature enough to complete the degree) AND get a job teaching at a college AT THE AGE OF 20?!!? *Smack my head



Seriously, all stupidity aside, I had an amazing birthday, filled with family, food, and football!! Since The Hubby went out of his way to make it an Especially Nerdy Celebration in the form of an epic Birthday Quest, I wanted to share with you guys the extra special happenings of The Unapologetic Nerd's Day O' Birth!

Challenge #1:

Solve a Rubik's Cube and spell out "The Unapologetic Nerd" on the Scrabble board. Take picture and post to Instagram/Twitter with the hashtag #KristinsBdayQuest


Challenge #2

Start a new character on Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64 Version) with the name Schub (after our dog) and defeat Queen Gohma in the Great Deku Tree.

Challenge #3:

Take a picture in the dryer with both our dogs...

Challenge #4: 

Sing along with the Barney Theme Song... must have video proof with Barney in the background. There was an issue with the video (oh darn), so this is a screenshot from my personal Instagram account. 

If you want to hear the actual video, follow the link below. Though I strongly suggest against it. Unless you enjoy listening to asphalt dry.

Challenge #5:

Wearing an appropriate Zooey-Deschanel-approved outfit, video yourself singing the theme song to "New Girl".

Challenge #6:

Go take a break with a McDonalds Coke. MY FAVORITE!!!!! :-)


Challenge #7: 

Basketball: Make a three-point shot. I abhor anything athletic. The fact that I made it was nothing short of a miracle.

Final Challenge:

Go to the most meaningful baseball field and make a heart out of sand from the infield over the home plate to receive your birthday presents!

My Prize: Hyrule Edition Nintendo 3DS!!!!!

Basically my family is THE BEST!!! I haven't had a handheld gaming platform since my Gameboy Advance back in the day. Wade got me the 3DS + Pokemon Y, Corby got me Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, and Mum got me Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I don't even care how big of a nerd this makes me..... my childhood is staring me straight in the face with this photo!!!! 


If you need me, I'll be in a corner, adjusting my eyes to glorious 3D gaming in all it's splendor.