My Top 10 Most Read Authors!

"Top 10 Tuesday" is a meme post created by The Broke and the Bookishfor those of us slightly on the OCD side who have an unhealthy love of books, lists, and lists about books. 

Today's Top 10 Tuesday meme was inspired by my discovery of the Most Read Authors tool on my Goodreads account. If you have a Goodreads account, go to your main user dashboard (MY BOOKS), and look at the lower left hand side bar. Under Tools you should see a list of options, including Most Read Authors. From there, it tallies your author list according to your shelves (so be sure to add any extras before trying!). 

A few things I found hilarious about this list:

  1.  All of my most read authors are women.... EXCEPT C.S. Lewis. Who obviously transcends my love of female authors. One of my absolute favorite novels is Till We Have Faces, an early/late work by C.S. Lewis (explained further in this article). My mum (fellow bookworm, literary aficionado, and mad-crazy-skilled at stitchery) owned all of his works and kept them stocked and tidy in the library of my childhood home, so I was lucky enough to have early access to these titles as a child. 
  2. Stephanie Meyers made this list..... WHY?!  The only reason Stephanie Meyers is on this list is because I read the whole series, knocking out other favorites with 1 or 2 titles on my Goodreads shelves... I'm not a fan of the Twilight series. Okay, okay...I'll admit. I read all of the books. And I might have been at the midnight release of Breaking Dawn at Books-A-Million. And I've seen the movies. So how can I adequately describe my feelings on this series, without sounding like a complete hypocrite? It's like... watching a bad train wreck and not being able to look away. You know you shouldn't watch. The end result will be the same, regardless. But somehow your eyes stay glued to the carnage and destruction. *shrugs
  3. There are authors who aren't listed SIMPLY because they weren't a part of this crazed trilogy/multiple book series trend. Examples: Paula Hawkins, Alexandra Bracken, Barbara Kingsolver, Louisa May Alcott, Rae Carson -who HAS a series out that I love (Girl of Fire and Thorns) but just missed the 4+ mark- Suzanne Collins, ELIZABETH FREAKING PETERS?!?!?! *mild seizure*
  4. I feel like Jane Austen deserves to be closer to the top of the listBut really, that's completely my fault, not hers. I just recently discovered that other novels/works exist outside the "canon" Austenite fanfare: Emma, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, and Sense and Sensibility. So that's my bad, Jane. *cringes*